Will You Be the Next Great Education-Tech Entrepreneur?

Are you an investor looking for the next best socially minded business or an entrepreneur looking for hot industries where you can have a big impact? Then education should be near the top of your list.

The education-technology sector is ripe for disruption, investment and rapid growth, while offering the coveted opportunity to dramatically alter people’s lives and the global economy.

The number of new startups and funding arriving to the field is undeniable (according to CB Insights, industry funding reached $1.25 billion last year). Yet it’s one of a few sectors that have not caught up with the wave of innovation that has transformed the manufacturing, media and health care industries.

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U.S. education is poised for change. Teachers and students alike are increasingly disillusioned, disheartened and disengaged. American students’ performance on standardized tests has been disappointing.

Professors cite incoming students’ lack of college readiness and business leaders point to a significant gap between the skills employees need and those possessed by job seekers.

Yet, the possibility of improving education has never been brighter. Leaders are calling for more rigorous standards, greateraccountability and innovation. Schools and colleges are ready tochange the status quo and technology can play a critical role in this transformation.